Jurors for 2015

Fan Jurors

Kristi Avery

KristiLoganPicKristi Avery is the host­ess of Hour 1 of Blindwulf’s Rub­ber Room Asso­ci­a­tion on Demen­tia Radio. A life long fan of Com­edy Music, she enjoys songs new and old, from One Eyed One Horned Fly­ing Pur­ple Peo­ple Eater to Floss Boss (The Offi­cial Hard­core Rap Song About Floss­ing) and is a vocal sup­porter at live shows. And will occa­sion­ally toss panties onstage, if the sit­u­a­tion calls for that (so BEWARE!!!)

Tim and Margie Winslow (aka ‘the Poohs’)

The WinslowsTim (Pooh Bear) and Margie (Missy) Winslow grew up with par­ents who gave them the gift of watch­ing and lis­ten­ing to com­edy and funny music. Years before they met, in their teens, they learned of and lis­tened to the Dr. Demento show. On their first date they knew they were meant for each other as they walked hand in hand singing “Dead Pup­pies”. Now, over 30 years together, they con­tinue to have com­edy in their lives. With the devel­op­ment of the Inter­net, they found the IRC chat room early on. They attended some of the ear­li­est con­ven­tions, becom­ing life long friends with many of the the artists and peo­ple in the Demen­tia fan groups. Today, they con­tinue to lis­ten and sup­port the Demen­tia community.

(Note: the Winslows will be vot­ing indi­vid­u­ally. Any need for divorce lawyers are Jayekitty’s fault.)

Angela Brett

SuperAngela BrettAngela Brett learns about the world (espe­cially sci­ence, pop­u­lar cul­ture, cur­rent events, and French) almost exclu­sively through com­edy songs, and rarely com­mu­ni­cates with­out using the sen­tence ‘I know a song about that.’ She long con­sid­ered mak­ing her own online data­base of silly songs before dis­cov­er­ing the Sing About Sci­ence web­site and even­tu­ally the Mad Music Archive. She was declared Best in Terms of Pants on the JoCo Cruise in 2014. She films all the live shows she has per­mis­sion to, and fre­quently tosses nov­elty male under­wear on stage when the sit­u­a­tion calls for panties.

Musi­cian Jurors

Eric ‘Sea­mon­key’ Tomme

SeamonkeySea­mon­key is a par­ody artist from Texas with a few #1 hits on the Dr. Demento Show to his credit… and that may be almost all the credit he deserves! The inclu­sion of Sea­mon­key into the aux­il­iary mem­ber­ship at the incep­tion of TheFuMP.com quickly led to the cre­ation of the “Squick” label, defin­ing songs that are beyond con­tain­ing sim­ple bad words to ones that may make you ques­tion why you hit “Play” on that link!

Aside from these mis­sives, Sea­mon­key is an avid home­brewer and cre­ator of “The Boobles”, an all-Beatles/all-boobs par­ody out­fit that donates prof­its from sales of their music to The Breast Can­cer Research Foun­da­tion (www.bcrfcure.org)… and that’s gotta bal­ance the scales some­what! Fin­gers crossed that God can take some jokes!

Jared Ringold

jared-bio-picJared’s appre­ci­a­tion of the fun­nier side of music began in 1985 when his younger form acquired what would become a well-worn cas­sette of Dare To Be Stu­pid by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Later, Jared con­sumed vast quan­ti­ties of 1980s hip-hop, hair metal, alter­na­tive rock, and pop cul­ture tele­vi­sion and movies, arriv­ing at a diverse col­lec­tion of influ­ences that would define his musi­cal career.

Jared co-founded the atomic rock cover band The Nick Atoms in 2000, pound­ing the drums and tick­ing the micro­phone through sev­eral albums and live per­for­mances at MarsCon and CON­ver­gence. After the dis­so­lu­tion of The Nick Atoms, Jared went on to form the com­edy rock band Pos­si­ble Oscar. To date, Pos­si­ble Oscar has released three albums, per­formed at sci-fi con­ven­tions around the coun­try, and enjoyed occa­sional air­play on The Dr. Demento Show. Jared has also col­lab­o­rated with musi­cal col­leagues such as the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Sea­mon­key, and Worm Quartet.

Chris Waf­fle

Chris WaffleChris Waf­fle has been a fan of funny/nerdy/demented music since he first heard “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Eat It” at ten years old. As an adult, he formed the com­edy rock duo, Hot Waf­fles, who appeared on the Travel Channel’s America’s Worst Dri­ver, EXTRA and G4’s Attack of the Show as well as on KROQ in Los Ange­les. The broth­ers and their music are also fea­tured in the doc­u­men­tary The Peo­ple vs. George Lucas. They have per­formed in venues such as The Improv, The Ice House, were the Guest of Honor at Marscon as well as per­form­ing live with the likes of direc­tor Kevin Smith and Dr. Demento, hav­ing also appeared on the later’s nation­ally syn­di­cated radio show.

Chris has released funny songs under the solo moniker, The Chris Waf­fle Explo­sion, and has col­lab­o­rated with artists such as, The Great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Ray­mond & Scum and oth­ers. After relo­cat­ing to Port­land, OR. in 2014, Chris started an acoustic nerd rock duo, Going Viral (www.goingviralrocks.com), and con­tin­ues to blow the roof off of venues all over the Pacific Northwest.

Paul Sabourin

Paul SabourinPaul Sabourin is one-half of Paul and Storm, known inter­na­tion­ally and across the Inter­net for their orig­i­nal com­edy music (often with a “nerd-ish” bent). In addi­tion to their own live per­for­mances, they are co-founders of the geek-oriented vari­ety show w00tstock, along with Wil Wheaton and Adam Sav­age, and co-produce the annual JoCo Cruise. The duo’s orig­i­nal web­series musi­cal, “Learn­ing­Town“, debuted on YouTube’s Geek & Sundrychan­nel in Jan­u­ary 2013. Also in 2013, their song “Another Irish Drink­ing Song” was fea­tured in the hit movie Despi­ca­ble Me 2, and in July had their gui­tar smashed on stage by George R. R. Mar­tin (and deserved it). Their fifth full-length CD, Ball Pit, came out in 2014, and was the cen­tral item of the duo’s wildly suc­cess­ful Kick­starter campaign.

Per­ma­nent Juror

Dr. Demento

Dr. DementoDr. Demento is the on-air name of Bar­ret Hansen, the long­time host of The Dr. Demento Show, a syn­di­cated radio show in the U.S. that fea­tures nov­elty and com­edy records. Hansen stud­ied music at Reed Col­lege in Port­land, Ore­gon and at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia at Los Ange­les. He first used the Dr. Demento moniker in 1970, in his early days as a Los Ange­les disc jockey. By 1974 he was nation­ally syn­di­cated, play­ing rare nov­elty songs from the past and present, from Spike Jones and Tom Lehrer to Frank Zappa and Weird Al Yankovic. Hansen is also an avid record col­lec­tor and expert on the his­tory of record­ing who has pro­duced sev­eral com­pi­la­tions, mostly for Rhino Records. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. (from Infoplease.com)

The Dr. Demento Show is radio’s weekly two-hour fes­ti­val of “mad music and crazy com­edy” avail­able for stream­ing on the inter­net. It is a free-wheeling, unpre­dictable mix of music and com­edy. Along with leg­ends like Spike Jones, Tom Lehrer, Stan Fre­berg, Monty Python, and Frank Zappa, the Doc­tor plays new funny songs sent in by ama­teur and pro­fes­sional singers and come­di­ans. (from Dr. Demento.com)

A doc­u­men­tary film about Dr. Demento, “Under the Smog­berry Trees,” is cur­rently in production.


Jean ‘Jayekitty’ Prior

Jean Prior webpage sizeJean is a long-time fan of demen­tia music, even before she knew it was called that. While she grew up in the boonies bereft of a radio sta­tion that car­ried the good Doc­tor, she still learned many of the old stan­dards and expanded her knowl­edge in col­lege with friends in the Penn State Monty Python Soci­ety. She’s been host­ess of Radio Free Gal­lifrey on Demen­tia Radio as DJ Phoenix since June 2006 (proof!), and has cheer­fully abused her super­power of net­work­ing to do things such as kick­start the idea behind Laugh­ter is a Pow­er­ful Weapon Vol. 2. She’s edited The Medieval Vir­gin, a hard­copy mag­a­zine inspired by The Brob­d­ing­na­gian Bards’ ‘Do Vir­gins Taste Bet­ter’, and co-wrote ‘When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire’, a par­ody of ‘Old Dun Cow’ with Marc Gunn and Nancy Pearsall.

She’s also the Queen of Mer­chan­dise at MarsCon (MN) and FuMPFest with the nick­name ‘Rogue Leader’, super­vis­ing the awe­some min­ions who run Table 27. Her favorite col­lab­o­ra­tion is ‘Mommy’s Bro­ken (Sad Kit­teh Ver­sion)’ with Chris ‘Power Salad’ Mez­zolesta, mash­ing up the clas­sic Worm Quar­tet short with Sad Trom­bone and is shocked that none of you clever peo­ple thought of it first.


Rob Balder

Rob Balder is a pro­fes­sional car­toon­ist, singer/songwriter, game designer and web entre­pre­neur. Most of his time is con­sumed writ­ing and pro­duc­ing Erf­world, an epic fantasy/comedy comic about an obses­sive strat­egy gamer who is sum­moned to fight a real war. Erf­world was co-created in 2006 with illus­tra­tor Jamie Noguchi, and con­tin­ues now with the tal­ents of illus­tra­tor Xin Ye. Time mag­a­zine named Erf­world one of its top ten graphic nov­els of 2007, and Wired.com called it “Geeki­est Comic Ever.” The first phys­i­cal book of the series, “Erf­world: the Bat­tle for Gob­win Knob,” was pub­lished in Feb­ru­ary of 2011.

Rob also writes and sings com­edy songs, and has recorded two solo CDs. The title track from his first CD, “Rich Fan­tasy Lives” was co-written with Filk Hall of Famer Tom Smith. It won the Pega­sus award for Best Filk Song of 2007. In 2009 he col­lab­o­rated with -=ShoE­boX=- of Worm Quar­tet on a CD called “Bald­box: the Dumb Album.” Rob’s songs have often been heard on the Doc­tor Demento Show. In Jan­u­ary 2007, he and six other com­edy music per­form­ers founded The Funny Music Project, where they present new songs every sin­gle day, released under a Cre­ative Com­mons license. The FuMP won the 2009 Par­sec Award for Best Spec­u­la­tive Fic­tion Music Podcast.