About Logan Whitehurst

Logan White­hurst was a musi­cian best known to the gen­er­al pub­lic as the drum­mer for the indie-rock band The Vel­vet Teen. How­ev­er, we in the com­e­dy music com­mu­ni­ty know him best as the man behind the com­e­dy music project Logan White­hurst And The Junior Sci­ence Club.

Logan White­hurst & the Junior Sci­ence Club

It was the music of the Junior Sci­ence Club that caught the ear of leg­endary radio host Dr. Demen­to who began play­ing his music reg­u­lar­ly and did two shows ded­i­cat­ed entire­ly to Logan. Begin­ning in the year 2000 with “Mon­keys Are Bad Peo­ple” Logan’s music began to appear reg­u­lar­ly on the nation­al­ly syn­di­cat­ed pro­gram and often made the week­ly count­down of most request­ed songs. He is best remem­bered for the songs “Hap­py Noo­dle Vs. Sad Noo­dle” and “The Robot Cat.”

Logan’s music has been com­pared to They Might Be Giants for its quirky lyrics and musi­cal com­plex­i­ty. While Logan was the drum­mer for The Vel­vet Teen he per­formed all the music him­self for the Junior Sci­ence Club play­ing not only drums but key­boards, gui­tar, accor­dion, con­certi­na, and piano.

In late 2003 Logan took ill. He began a con­stant bat­tle with fatigue, dizzi­ness, headaches, and stom­ach prob­lems. In May of 2004 he was diag­nosed with a can­cer­ous brain tumor. At this point he decid­ed to leave The Vel­vet Teen and put his solo project on hold while he focused on his recov­ery. For the next year and a half he under­went var­i­ous treat­ments for the cancer.

In the sum­mer of 2006 his doc­tor declared him “can­cer free” and Logan quick­ly returned to music. To ease back into it after such a long and dif­fi­cult time away he decid­ed to do a series of short songs and took sug­ges­tions from his friends and fans for song titles. Songs like “The Sal­ad Days of the Veg­eta­bles,” “The Mis­chie­vous Elves of Ice­land,” and “The Tale of Raskol­nikov and Mar­ty McFly” were among the sug­ges­tions and Logan set off to record the songs keep­ing the lengths of each to rough­ly 30 to 90 sec­onds. 81 songs were record­ed in all.

In late August of 2006 Logan was exam­ined by a doc­tor because he was suf­fer­ing from severe headaches. It was dis­cov­ered that his can­cer had returned with a vengeance and the doc­tors gave him less than a year to live. “Thank you all–I love you for being there for me” was the last thing Logan wrote on his blog.

Logan White­hurst passed away peace­ful­ly on Decem­ber 3rd, 2006 with his fam­i­ly at his side. The Very Tiny Songs Project was released by Pan­dacide Records 3 weeks later.