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2023 Logan Awards Winners

2023 Logan Award Nominees

Nominations now open!

2023 Logan Awards To Be Held at FuMPFeST!

2022 Logan Awards Winners

2022 Logan Award Nominees

Nominations for 2022 Are Now Open!

And the 2021 Logan Award Winners are…

2021 Logan Award Nominees

Nominations for 2021 are now open!

And the 2020 Logan Award Winners are…

2020 Logan Award Nominees

Nominations for 2020 Are Now Open!

And The 2019 Logan Award Winners Are…

2019 Logan Award Nominees!

Nominations for 2019 Are Now Open!

And 2018 winners are.…

Finalists for 2018 Awards

Nominations for 2018 are now open!

Logan Awards Announce 2017 Winners

Logan Awards Announce 2017 Nominees

2017 Nominations Open!

2016 Logan Awards Winners!

2016 Finalists

2016 Nominations Open!

Logan Awards at MarsCon 2016

2015 Logan Awards WINNERS!

2015 Finalists!

2015 Nominations Close 4/19

2015 Logan Awards location and chair announced!

2014 Logan Award Winners

2014 Logan Awards Nominees Announced!

The ‪‎FuMP‬ has launched a new Kickstarter to help pay for the Logan Awards statuettes

4th Annual Logan Awards to be held at FuMPFeST 2014 in Chicago, with host Dr. Demento

2013 Logan Award Winners

2013 Logan Award Nominees

Nomination Suggestion submission page closed

2013 Nominations Open