Nomination Suggestion submission page closed

Thank you to all the com­e­dy music fans out there who sub­mit­ted their sug­ges­tions for the best com­e­dy songs & music videos of 2012! Now it’s time for our Jurors to go through them and pick our offi­cial Nom­i­nees and Win­ners. I will not be see­ing how the Jurors vote at all, and they know this, so who­ev­er they vote for will not be influ­enced by me. Our web­mistress Sara Trice will tab­u­late the Juror’s votes. A reminder, the five Nom­i­nees in each of our three cat­e­gories will be announced dur­ing the live record­ing of “The Fun­ny Music Pod­cast” on Demen­tia Radio on Jan­u­ary 31st, 2013.

~ Luke Ski, 1/15/2013

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