About The Logan Awards

The Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music (Logan Awards) is a set of awards presented by The Funny Music Project.  The awards are presented annually, in three categories:

Outstanding Original Comedy Song
Outstanding Parody Song
Outstanding Comedy Music Video

Logan Award Statuette

The Logan Award Statuette, designed by Jamie Noguchi

Award Committee

Each year, the awards will be headed by a new chairperson.  The chair will choose six jurors, three from comedy music fandom, and three currently active comedy musicians.  The jury will select the winners by vote, and the chair will designate the chair of the next year’s awards.


Songs and videos first released to the public in calendar year 2010 will be eligible to be nominated for the first annual Logan Awards.  Thereafter, songs of each calendar year will be eligible only for the next year’s awards.  The committee will try to err on the side of eligibility, re-treatments (but not re-releases) of old material will be considered.  Eligibility disputes will be settled by the award chair, whose decisions are final.

Open Nomination

Everyone in the community is invited to nominate songs for consideration through this site (coming soon).  Eligibility determinations of suggested songs and videos will be made, and the jury will only consider works which were nominated through this process before the announced deadline.  Jurors may not participate in open nominations.

Jury Nomination

Jurors will have a period of time to listen to the pool of songs and choose up to five nominees in each category.  Jurors will be allowed to discuss their selections with other jurors, including campaigning for their favorites, but may not discuss their selections outside the award committee.  Once decided, each juror will submit their nominees to the chair.

Award Decision

The chair will tally the jury nominations in each category.  The award goes to the song/video with the most jury nominations.  In the case of a tie for winner, the chair will call a re-vote to break the tie.  In the case of a tie in the re-vote, the chair will cast the deciding vote.


Although the winners will be known to the chair, the top five jury nominees in each category will be announced as award nominees.


Decisions of the chair may be overturned or the chair may be removed by majority vote of the FuMP core members.  After the awards are presented, the final vote tallies will be revealed to the jurors only, for transparency.

The Presentation

The awards will be presented publicly, at an appropriate venue (such as a SF convention with a heavy music track).  There will be a concert to perform or show all the nominated songs, followed by the announcement of the winner and presentation of the statuette.

The Statuette

The physical award is a statuette of a robot cat, in honor of Logan Whitehurst’s song “Robot Cat.”  It was designed by artist Jamie Noguchi.  Each will be presented on an engraved base.


The statuettes, website, and venue expenses will come to several thousand dollars.  This must be raised through contributions from the community.  Comedy music has long lacked recognition, and only through support from its true fans can we make this work.  If you have ever wanted to see the best work in the field recognized, this is your chance to help make it happen.  Please donate generously to the award fund.