2017 Nominations Open!

Nominations for the 2017 Logan Awards are now open! Sign up on the new nomination page to nominate outstanding original comedy songs, parody songs, and comedy music videos released in 2016. Open Nominations close on April 1st (April Fools Day) to give time for the jurors to make their decision and the robot cats to be herded and engraved in time for the awards ceremony FuMPFest 2017.

There’s no advantage to nominating the same song more than once in the same category (though you can nominate the same song in the video category as well as one of the other categories if you think it is worthy to win in both categories) so please check whether the song you’d like to nominate has already been nominated. Only songs or videos that were released in 2016 are eligible to be nominated; you can usually figure out when a song was released by looking at a video upload date, album release date, or the date a song was released on The FuMP, for example. If there’s one you think deserves to win but you’re not sure if it’s eligible, nominate it anyway and a decision will be made.

For Podcasters and Broadcasters

Do you have a podcast, internet radio show, or terrestrial radio program? Please promote The Logan Awards by playing this announcement.

2017 Logan Awards Nominations Promo (320k MP3)

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2016 Logan Awards Winners!

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music…

Outstanding Parody Song

Carla Ulbrich — Cheek to Cheek

Outstanding Original Comedy Song

Steve GoodieI Dropped My Phone In The Toilet

Outstanding Comedy Music Video

They Might Be GiantsAll the Lazy Boyfriends

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