2012 Nominations

The jury’s votes are closed and counted!

Here are your five finalists in each category, representing the finest work in comedy music last year. Congratulations to all artists. Winners will be announced in a special concert ceremony at DeepSouthCon 50 in Huntsville, AL on June 16th. See you there!

Official 2012 Logan Awards Nominees

(Listed Alphabetically By Song Title)

Outstanding Comedy Music Video

Grandma Got a Facebook – Your Favorite Martian
Jack Sparrow – The Lonely Island (f/Michael Bolton)
Perform This Way – Weird Al Yankovic
The Creep – The Lonely Island (f/Nicki Minaj)
The Muppet Show Theme Song – OK Go and the Muppets

Outstanding Original Comedy Song

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs – Steve Mar­tin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Hulkulele – Nuclear Bubble Wrap
I Am The Doctor — Devo Spice
I Can’t Wrap – Scooter Picnic
Broadway: It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore! – Written by Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum, performed by Neil Patrick Harris

Outstanding Parody Song

Charlie Sheen – Power Salad
If I Could Be Weird Al – Moneyshot Cosmonauts
Party in the C.I.A. – Weird Al Yankovic
Perform This Way – Weird Al Yankovic
Snoopy The Dogg – Luke Ski